Tuesday, December 16, 2014

African Paradise - Lush Body Conditioner Review

I have never been into Lush products, not because anything is wrong with them but because there was never anything that peaked my interested. So then I came across my now holy grail product Lush's Body Conditioner in African Paradise. This stuff is seriously so good and perfect for the lazy person who always forgets to moisturise after showering or that person who just simply can't be bothered but really know they should.

When I first used this product I fell in love right away, it truly is an incredible product. The smell wasn't anything I expected. Lush describe it as

"The sweet, spicy and floral-scented cream is packed with fresh mango juice to brighten the skin, nourishing almond and moringa oils, softening shea butter, and aloe vera to cool and soothe. "

This product is REALLY moisturizing, perfect for those with dry skin and perfect for winter for those who might find it too heavy for summer days. 

First I go about my same routine with my daily bodywash I then turn off the shower and I massage this product onto my entire body and let it absorb for about a minute or two, same as how you would with hair conditioner. I then rinse it off and right after, you will feel amazing and look amazing as you can see a kind of natural glow.

Even though this product is a little expensive ($40AUD), a little goes a long way and I definitely would repurchase it again. The only downside is that they actually don't see African Paradise in Australia, at least it doesn't come up on the Australian Lush Site. I was lucky enough to come across it in Japan and picked it up right away. However I do know that Lush do have other types, if they are any good I do not know. Maybe you can give them a go, let me know how they are :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

BrowLash EX Water Strong Pencil Liner Review

Don't we just hate it when we apply eyeliner and it looks perfect but then within a few hours it moves south onto your eyebag? I know I do, it just makes you look so messy.

Today I'll be doing a review on BrowLash EX Water Strong Pencil Liner in Black.

This liner is definitely one of the best I have ever used, I swear. Many eyeliners claim to be sweat proof, waterproof and last up to 24 hours, and when we use them their claims are completely false.
However the BrowLash EX Water Strong Pencil Liner really lives up to it's claims, im not sure about it lasting up to 24hours as I don't stay awake for that long but it definitely last's the whole day. The whole day meaning in all weather conditions, humid or wet.

The Pro's -

  • Waterproof, Sweat proof and lasts all day
  • Glides on so smooth and effortlessly
  • Easy to create smokey or simpled lined eyes
  • Twist type = No sharpening required
  • Has Hyaluronic acid and squalene which gives skin nourishment.
  • Cheap! Compared to high end brands.
The Con's -
  • Packaging is a little boring
I hope you enjoyed this quick short review and that it helped you, any questions please leave a comment :)